Learn about Mitzvah Projects with Youth Centers of Israel!

Mitzvah Projects with Youth Centers of Israel

The Mitzvah Project is every B’nai Mitzvah’s chance to connect with the Jewish/Israeli world.  Depending upon what a student connects to – what they truly care about – the Mitzvah Project can be a deeply fulfilling experience when fully embraced.

Connect with Your Passion via Youth Centers of Israel!

Whether your passion is athletic, artistic, or human, you will find something at YCOI that you can personally connect with. 

Work with Youth Centers of Israel!

Be creative in your approach to the Mitzvah project.  Sell your artwork!  Dance for others!  Collect antiquities!  Appeal to business owners!  The world is a wide open place, and we are here to help you find your way.  Every little bit makes a big difference to us.

Learn with Youth Centers of Israel!

Learn about Israel’s poverty and the divisions that hurt Israel.  Learn how you can heal those divisions.

Contact Youth Centers of Israel!

Student, parents, teachers: We will be present through out to help you get the most out of your Mitzvah Project experience! Join Youth Centers of Israel Mitzvah Project today at http://ycoi.org/mitzvah

For more information please contact Alec Ross, Development Director at Youth Centers of Israel via email: alec@ycoi.org or phone: (312) 543-3254.